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You've Had The Power To Do So All Along..."

Could it really be true that the greatest man on Earth is ready to meet you...
if only you knew how to attract him?


From The Desk Of: Emily McKay

Subject: The New, True You


Dear Friend:

Okay, get ready. Here are some questions for you that might really make you think. How you answer them could have an startling impact on your life, so be sure to answer carefully:


  Do you feel in your heart that you deserve a great man, yet you never seem to attract the right type of guy?

  You look in the mirror and see a wonderful woman, yet men almost never talk to you. Are you starting to wonder what could possibly be wrong?

  As soon as you think you actually have found a "keeper", does he disappear without a trace...sooner than later?

  Do you ever feel pressure to be someone you are not...just to get a certain guy to like you?

  Are you a busy single mom or career woman with real responsibilities who just can't ever find "free time" to date? ("Free time", what's that?)

  Do the TV commercials you see have you believing you could never be "beautiful" enough for a high-quality man?


I'll tell you, if you answered "yes" to even one of the questions above, you certainly are not alone.

I believe almost every one of us as women has felt like finding and attracting the high quality man we desire is like finding a needle in a haystack. I know I've been there personally.

And perhaps the most frustrating part is having a parade of guys you aren't interested in show interest in you, even as the guy you really would love to meet seems to not even know you exist.

You know there must be real answers out there for the many questions you have. Yet, the amazing irony of the whole situation is that the only "answers" you seem to get from the media involve spending more time and more money in the fleeting hope of reaching ever higher and less attainable goals.

Meanwhile, what about most dating advice out there? It just tells you to "be yourself"...

Well, if you are sick of wild goose chases and waiting around for your knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet by chance, then you are about to discover a solution to your frustrations that could transform your entire life...if you allow it to.

Now, you would think that a you would be able to use your "feminine wiles" and a great man would come running into your life at the snap of a finger. But that's not always how it works in the real world, is it?

Trying to sort out how to be friendly and even a bit flirtatious without coming off the wrong way (and attracting the wrong guys) is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a quandary.

So what do we end up doing? We end up skipping it altogether, don't we?


"If You Are Tired Of Being Single, Then You NEED TO Listen To Emily."

"Emily shares her success with her clients in her coaching
programs, and has helped many single women find the man of their dreams a LOT sooner than they would have without her help.

If you're tired of being single and you feel like NOW IS THE TIME to get yourself ‘back out there’ and finally meet a good man who is going to be a great partner, then you NEED to listen to Emily.

This is why I was excited to be able to talk to Emily myself."
--Christian Carter (Catch Him & Keep Him)


But the real problem is that most of us make attracting the right guy way more difficult than it has to be.

Because the amazing truth that has been right under your nose is this: What men really want may not be what you've been told they want. And success could have been within your grasp all along.

When you stop to think about it, it's a wonder why--in a world of six billion people and happy couples everywhere--there has never been an easy, straightforward way to find real answers to these questions.

How is it that some women can attract a fantastic guy into their lives with ease, while others become trapped in a vortex of dating Mr. Wrong over and over and over again?

Well, it's time to get those answers. While most dating advice spends a lot of time and energy focusing on why men aren't so interested, isn't it high time to look beyond that and get the right man interested in you instead?

And rather than talking about what's wrong with guys, wouldn't you agree that it's about time to understand them a lot better? In doing so, we may realize there's a lot to like.

After all, there should be. Men and women were designed to be crazy about each other and be in great relationships together. Doesn't it make sense that if we were to embrace that, more men may embrace us?

Well, my name is Emily McKay, and I'm about to show you how to do exactly what it takes to become that woman who the man of your dreams finds natually alluring. In fact, it has become my passion.


LEARN THE SECRETS -- Find out the "hidden" truth about attraction...until now carefully guarded by the world's most desirable women.

LOOK AND FEEL LIKE MRS. RIGHT -- Cut through the mixed-messages the media sends and be the graceful, classy woman who turns a great man's head.

UNDERSTAND MEN -- Get first-hand information regarding exactly what goes on inside a man's head...and become the woman he dreams of.

START FLIRTING -- Finally...practical definitions and full explanations. Everything you need to know to send the right messages to the right guy.

STOP SETTLING FOR LESS -- Avoid overbearing, controlling and/or downright dangerous men forever...eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive!

MAKE BODY LANGUAGE YOUR "UNFAIR" ADVANTAGE -- Discover how your every move--even the most subtle ones--can captivate and attract a man's imagination.

BECOME SO IRRESISTIBLE THAT MEN MUST MEET YOU -- Stand out from the crowd in a way that compels a high-quality man to go out of his way to introduce himself to you.

TRANSFORM YOURSELF -- Can you really go from frumpy to fabulous in just ten minutes? You bet you can!


Before we go any further, let me tell you...I'm absolutely, positively just like any other woman out there. In just about every sense of the word, I'm the "girl next door".

But I have literally immersed myself in thinking about what attracts men to women, and researching what men really feel on the subject. We're talking about cutting through all the hype and the guesswork to get to the real facts.

After meeting my fair share of the wrong guys, I decided that enough was enough. All around me I saw men who seemed like great guys--be they friends, relatives or co-workers.

So I decided that it was time to stop seeing myself as a victim of circumstance and take back control of my dating life. And just under four years later, I now wake up next to the man of my dreams every morning...and we have a beautiful son together.


It's Time To Take Back Your Dating Life!

As I started learning more and more about men and what makes them who they are, I found out some things that just about made my jaw hit the floor.

For starters, it quickly became clear that despite what you've heard, most great men out there would much rather find one great woman to build a life with than anything else in the world.

That's right. More than money, cars or, well...other women.

Yet, amazingly, the real shocker was when I discovered that an overwhelming majority of guys out there are actually afraid to approach us and say hello.

In fact, even if a great guy does want to meet you, he's probably going to psyche himself out before actually doing so. Amazing, isn't it?


BE A MODERN, EMPOWERED, FEMININE WOMAN -- Attract a real man by harnessing the power of your natural female intrigue.

THE POWER OF EYE CONTACT -- Lock eyes with him and share a "movie moment" he won't be able to resist!

WHAT IF HE'S TOO SHY TO MEET YOU? -- How to engage any guy in a fun conversation without being obvious or "forward".

ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU STAND -- Decode his words and his actions. Never be left guessing ever again.

GET HIM TO CALL YOU -- Why some guys get phone numbers and don't ever use them. (HINT: It's not your fault)

MAKE HIM THINK ABOUT YOU CONSTANTLY -- Separate yourself from every other woman in a way that keeps you on his mind...all the time.


Of course, this all means that the more we learn about what men really think and what their deepest desires are, the more attractive we just might become to the highest quality guys out there.

What if I told you that you could soon become one of the privileged few women who truly understand men better than most other women ever dream is possible?

Better yet, what if you could even find out exactly what it is that causes men to feel instant, powerful attraction to a woman?

I'm not talking about what women's magazines tell you about what men might be thinking. I'm talking about what real men are actually thinking and feeling--straight from the source.

If you think that having that kind of information is more valuable than pure gold when it comes to getting the right relationship with the right man, you're 100% right.


Become The New, True You...Starting Today!

But what good is knowing so much about what men really want in a woman, unless you can actually become her?

Well, that's what truly separates my brand new program Attraction Makeover from anything you've ever seen.

Not only are you about to discover the truth about what's been missing from your dating life all this time, I'm going to give you literally everything you need to change things for the better.

You can--and will--become the woman who enraptures men with an internal and and an external beauty that shines like the sun. I'll show you exactly how in step-by-step detail.

By now, I'm sure you can't wait to find out what is included. So I won't make you wait another second...


Here's What You'll Receive

Become The Woman Who Mr. Right Can't Help But Meet


AUDIO PROGRAM 1:  Ultimate Attraction

Allow your inner beauty to shine through, thereby enabling your external beauty to radiate attraction. Be irresistibly alluring to high quality men, all while being your true, authentic self. This is the very essence of attraction!

  How to give yourself an attraction makeover
...from the inside out

  Why your "day job" may be killing your dating subtle ways you may not even realize

  What causes men to transcend simple attraction and feel deep affection...for you

  The amazing secret to feeling sexier right now...without changing anything on the outside

  Discover exactly why makeup attracts men
...the truth will amaze you

  A wealth of fashion and beauty tips specifically designed to get high-quality men to notice you

  Take your self-esteem and confidence to new heights...and discover how they work together to make fireworks happen

  Leave your house looking and feeling more attractive every day...taking just ten minutes to get ready!


AUDIO PROGRAM 2:  Reading A Man's Body Language

Join me as I talk with my husband and fellow dating coach Scot McKay about what's really going on inside a man's mind. Finally...decode his thoughts, words and deeds so you'll never be left in the dark again. An Attraction Makeover exclusive!

  Why men who are attracted to you may not ever approach you...and even if they do, why they won't ask for your number

  Clear, unmistakable, physiological ways to tell if a man is interested in you...or not

  Exactly what goes through a man's mind when he's attracted to a woman

  Why a guy may not be able to maintain eye contact with you...even though he's attracted

  How to know if he's a "pickup artist" or a "player"

  The shocking truth: Many, many guys may already be attracted to you...without you even knowing it

  What to do if he doesn't give you straight answers...and how to definitively tell if he's lying

  How to tell if he's losing interest in you
...whether on a first date or in a long-term relationship

  Signs of a potentially manipulative, controlling or dangerous man...avoid poisonous guys from this day forward


AUDIO PROGRAM 3:  Attracting Men With Body Language

In this audio program, discover how to use all of your feminine gifts to your natural advantage when attracting high quality men. Compel men with a magnetic energy that puts them under your spell...for which they'll be eternally grateful.

  Once and for to get more men to approach you

  Simple changes in your demeanor that will put great men at ease and get them to talk to you

  Why much of what you've been taught about body language goes out the door when he's attracted

  How to subtly show interest without appearing "forward" or desperate

  A simple exercise that will make you a more graceful and elegant woman right now

  The single most important change you can make today that will make you instantly more attractive

  Ways to adjust your speaking style for maximum attraction...prepare to be surprised

  Unconscious ways women give away their nervousness...or even desperation

  How to increase your likelihood of meeting a great man at the grocery store, the airport, the coffee shop or even your kid's soccer game


AUDIO PROGRAM 4:  Men's Round Table

OK, get ready for something extra special. Recently Scot sat down with four other world-class dating coaches--all of whom are terrific men of character, and all of whom coach both genders. What resulted was an incredibly frank and honest discussion about what really causes a man to be feel attraction. No woman should miss this!

  What causes a man to notice a woman...the answers will shock you

  The important difference between getting a man's attention and sparking his attraction

  How to stop a man dead in his tracks...and this is way beyond anything at the "surface level"

  Exactly what is going on when men give a certain woman tons of attention...and you just can't figure out what they see in her

  What men are thinking right as they approach a woman they've never met before

  How most women unintentionally drive men away...and why men are actually disappointed when it happens

  What causes a man to decide whether or not to continue a conversation with a woman he just met

  Are men really more "thinkers" than "feelers"? Learn the amazing truth

  What you can do right now to get higher quality guys to approach you...and more of them




Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Attraction Makeover
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Attraction Makeover


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Most of us dress in a way that our friends are sure to find attractive. And there's nothing inherently wrong with that.

But now it's time to reinvent yourself as the brilliantly attractive woman who your dream man has been dreaming of.

I can't wait to share an exciting new way of thinking with you that will literally transform your dating life in a powerful way. In Attraction Makeover I deliver to you all of the secrets long kept locked away by an elite few.

Best of all, Attraction Makeover is presented to you in standard MP3 audio format and Adobe PDF format.

This means that when you order you'll be able to download Attraction Makeover immediately. It really couldn't be easier. No wait, no fuss. Listen on your iPod or right through your computer if you prefer.


OVER THREE HOURS OF NON-STOP CONTENT -- No fluff whatsoever. Just what you need to understand men and attract the right ones.

NO EXTENDED WAIT TIMES FOR SHIPPING -- You'll be able to download directly from the instant-access Member's Area. No shipping, no waiting. Best of all, your content is always available to you on demand 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.

NO MORE SCRATCHED UP CDs -- No discs falling between the seats in your car to get lost and/or ruined. No broken CDs, no defective products, nothing misplaced, nothing borrowed or stolen...ever. Download early and often, directly to your iPod. Even burn your own CDs quickly and easily if you must.

SPECIAL BONUSES ARE YOURS TO KEEP -- In addition to the main program, enjoy valuable bonuses...yours to keep even if you return Attraction Makeover.

NEVER ANY HIDDEN COSTS -- Pay one time, get unlimited access to the Member's Area. No surprises or games.


Now listen, if you already have as many great men knocking on your door as you can handle, then Attraction Makeover is probably not for you.

But on second thought, even if you do have lots of men in your life (all falling in love with you way too quickly, perhaps) you're still going to have to know how to weed out all the wrong guys in order to get to Mr. Right.

Of course, that's what I call a "high-quality" problem, for sure.


Why Ask "Why"? Discover The Secrets To What Has Been Holding You Back

But worse, imagine finding yourself married to the wrong man--having "settled" instead of finding the great relationship you always knew you really deserved.

Sure you might get lucky and avoid all those hassles. But if not, the sobering reality is that you will have never fulfilled your dreams of being swept off your feet by your true soulmate.

Attraction Makeover is like your personal insurance policy against ending up with the wrong guy.

Still not convinced yet? Here's just a partial sampling of even more valuable secrets--all of which you can begin applying in the real-world immediately, and all of which covered in detail within Attraction Makeover:


  The #1 reason women turn great men away....without even realizing it.


  The one attitude that all women in great relationships share...make it yours and he'll want to stick around forever.


  The powerful physical trait that all women can have and that subconsciously drives almost all men wild...yet virtually zero guys ever even realize it, let alone tell you about it.


  How to start meeting more amazing men in stores, while running errands or even while at more going to bars and clubs.


  The real-world truth about what physical "types" men prefer, right from the source. Put your plastic surgeon on hold until you hear this...


  Why your friends could be keeping you from dating success...even though they mean well.


  Why being "beautiful" is overrated.


  The biggest lie the media has been perpetuating for years...causing women worldwide to throw money at a "problem" that most men see as no problem.


  The one "compliment" that all women seem to dread...but which actually could be the highest praise from a great man, signaling that he wants to genuinely love you.


  How to be irrepressibly sexy even when you are in your most casual attire...and men will thank you for it.


  Exactly why you can get everything right and men still won't approach you. Discover the shocking truth.


  Do men really prefer "classic" physical traits like large breasts, blonde hair and long, skinny legs? Hear the facts--first hand.


  What exactly to tell your hairdresser in order to maximize your attractiveness while minimizing the amount of time you spend on your hair.


  Simple adjustments you can make to how you apply makeup that will turn heads like never before.


  What he'll tell you when he's really interested...and what he'll tell you when he's not.


  What to tell a guy when he is invading your space or too "touchie feelie".


  How to decode the "secret cues" men send all the time with their body language and their words.


  Simple adjustments to how you present yourself that could bring you massive rewards.


  The real reason why you may not feel attraction for "nice guys"...even though you want to.


  What you must never, ever say to a man...unless you want to lose him forever.


  Simple ways to find time for meeting great men, even if your schedule is jam-packed already.


  By far the most underestimated yet most powerful secret shared by women who get approached by men most often.


  The almost supernatural power that all women possess yet never fully utilize...even though nearly all men are very, very aware of it.


  Exactly what a man will tell you when he's considering calling it quits with you. Know the warning signs and correct the course before it's too late.


  The absolute best five minutes you'll ever spend if you really want to be more attractive immediately.


...and MUCH, MUCH more.



By now, I'm guessing you are every bit as excited about this brand new program's release as I am and are ready to have it start working for you. So let's wrap this up...


Here's What You Get:   The main audio presentation on Ultimate Attraction, the audio program on Reading A Man's Body Language, the Attracting Men With Body Language audio program and Scot's round table discussion with the guys. Plus, you'll receive all included bonus additions (which I'm about to tell you about below) and full 24/7/365 access to the Member's Area.

I have personally reserved a copy for you at the special price of $100...  $67...




That's what a typical e-book costs by itself, yet I'm delivering over three hours of pure, uninterrupted audio content--all squarely focused on maximizing attraction and meeting the right kind of man.

What's more, you can buy with 100% confidence. We use highly-respected for secure, efficient order fulfillment.

When you order, I'll immediately hand you the keys to the Private Member's Area, where you'll have full access to everything. Plus, you'll continue to have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week...whenever is convenient for you. All from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Attraction Makeover
Claim Your Copy Of
Attraction Makeover


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You've no doubt already realized that a single bad date could cost you more than this program.

Nonetheless, I'm going to share with you every secret to understanding men and creating long-lasting, genuine attraction that I've ever learned--no holding back.

I want to save you the pain of failed relationships from this day forward, and instead show you how to life with a great man the way it was meant to be.

In fact, I have pulled out all the stops in making Attraction Makeover the absolute most earth shaking program on creating attraction humanly possible. That way there are no disappointments.

I stand behind that claim 100%, which is why every copy of Attraction Makeover comes with an ironclad...


Unconditional 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Nope. That's not a misprint. You can take up to a full year to decide. If Attraction Makeover doesn't open up an incredible new dimension to your dating life, I will personally issue you a full refund with no questions asked.

You really cannot lose. Even if you email me on the 366th day, I'll still refund your money if you aren't fully satisfied. In fact, you even have complete control over the refund process thanks to games or hassles. That's how positive I am you'll be wishing you had this program years ago.

The information you are about to discover in it is all original, and you have no risk thanks to our 100% money-back guarantee.

Basically, my goal is to make it incredibly easy for you to get your hands on Attraction Makeover.

So with that in mind, I'm going so far as to offer four bonuses to you at no additional charge.

Each of the following is exclusive to Attraction Makeover and packed with real value. No "demo versions". In fact, these bonuses could easily be sold separately, but I want you to have them as a part of the package:


Letters From Friends

BONUS #1--Letters From Friends, by Emily McKay

Over the past two years, I've received countless thoughtful letters from readers. Now, for the first time ever, I've compliled the twenty-five most powerful ones in to a full 119-page e-book.

You'll find questions from women just like you covering every dating and relationship topic you can imagine. And you'll be able to read my comprehensive answers to each. Every letter has been hand-selected to feature exactly the issues I know are on the forefront of today's women's minds.

I actually thought about offering Letters From Friends as a standalone e-book, but in the end decided that it was the perfect compliment to Attraction Makeover. Enjoy...this one's on me!


Highway Hijinks
BONUS #2--Highway Hijinks, by Scot McKay

Okay, imagine this. You are at a stoplight minding your own business when the world's hottest guy pulls up right next to you. Do you know how to get his attention? What if he's trying to get yours?

And what if you are driving down the highway when someone in the next lane over catches your eye. What should you do?

If you're like most of us, you can surely relate to the frustration of seeing someone interesting while driving and feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Well, Scot has written a new e-book that will make sure you are never left wondering again. Next time, flirt with and possibly even meet the guy in the next car over!


How To Unleash Your Femininity
BONUS #3--How To Unleash Your Femininity, by Mirabelle Summers

Alright ladies, who else wants to meet a real man? You know exactly the type of guy I mean--strong, confident, exuding masculinity from every pore. Well, the single best way I know of to attract that sort of man into your life is to maximize your natural femininity.

Well, my friend Mirabelle Summers from Meet Your Sweet™ is going to share all her amazing secrets about how to do that in this special audio program. Mirabelle reminds us that true femininity is a powerful force that lies deep within our very core as women, and all we really need to know is how to "unleash" it...just like the title of her program says.

I couldn't agree more. And since Mirabelle is so right on with her message, I'm delighted to share it with you as part of the Attraction Makeover program!


Keys To Bliss
BONUS #4--Monthly Membership:   Keys To Bliss For Women (Optional)

Keys To Bliss For Women transcends mere tips and tricks, instead preparing you to be the woman who deserves the very greatest man you've ever met.

If you are ready to stop the endless cycle of dating "Mr. Wrong", Keys To Bliss is for you. Every month, I'll bring you a wealth of resources specially selected to help you transform yourself into a woman who deserves the very best. Wherever you are today, reinvent yourself into someone who enjoys what few ever will--the rush of knowing you are with the highest quality man in the room wherever you go.

Enjoy special full-length audio programs, e-books, special reports, and much more...including special gifts from some of our friends.

Best of all, you get unlimited e-mail access to me personally. Send me your dating and relationship questions, and expect a thoughtful answer in return. It's like having me right there with you every step of the way. Discover Keys To Bliss today, and never look back!

With your order of Click With Him, you'll have the opportunity to join the Keys To Bliss For Women inner circle. We won't bill you until the end of the first month and subsequent months are just $19.95 each. As you would expect, Keys To Bliss For Women comes with an unconditional 365 day warranty and you can easily cancel at any time simply by logging into your account.


  • Finally Learn The Secrets To Attracting The Right Kind Of Man
  • Become The Most Graceful, Beautiful And Sexy Version Of YOU Ever
  • Discover How To Decode His Words And Body Language...Once And For All
  • Listen In As Men Tell All When It Comes To What They're Attracted To
  • Value-Packed Content Exceeding Expectations


This and every X & Y Communications purchase is guaranteed for a full year. If you do not see results, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that. You even have full control over the entire process and can login to your account games.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Attraction Makeover
Claim Your Copy Of
Attraction Makeover


Use Any Major Credit Card Or Paypal

Claim Your Copy NOW

Now You Can Choose To Pay Over The Course Of Three Months With EASY PURCHASE

Take A Full 90 Days To Pay With Easy Purchase



So where do you stand when it comes to meeting and attracting the right man?

Are your results falling way short of your expectations?

If your answer to either or both of these questions is "not even close", then you could be on your way to living a life of quiet desperation.

But if Attraction Makeover could change your dating life in even a small way, how much would that be worth to you?

For most women, such a valuable transformation is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox. In fact, living the charmed life of the few elite women who share their world with the greatest man they've ever known is a priceless concept.

Yet, I guarantee success. I can do so confidently, having seen first hand the kind of results that prove what's in Attraction Makeover really, really works.

I stopped "dead-end dating" and soon found the greatest man I've ever met. Today we lead a fabulously happy life togetether and have even started a family.

And I'm convinced that you too can and will live the life you've been dreaming of...if you accept the opportunity for real transformation that I am offering to you right here, right now.

My wish for you is nothing more and nothing less than to have the most fulfilling life possible, culminating in maximum relationship success and the joy it brings.

I look forward to delivering Attraction Makeover to you today.


P.S.  Attraction Makeover is your ticket out of a frustrating place where the man you really want to meet keeps passing you by. Don't let the train leave without you...

P.P.S.  Remember, all the risk is on me thanks to my industry-leading 365-day money back guarantee.


"Her compassion, kindness, and consistent razor-sharp insight absolutely set her apart from everyone else in this field."

"Emily McKay is one of the people who, both personally and professionally, I most respect and admire in the world of dating and relationship advice. I especially appreciate her sound belief that ‘quality begets quality’: that manipulation and game-playing have no place inside a really top-notch woman's life - or in her relationships.

Anyone looking to touch base with genuinely wise woman, to become more authentically attractive NOW, and to create rewarding, worthwhile relationships, can do no better than to consult with Emily.

Her compassion, kindness, and consistent razor-sharp insight absolutely set her apart from everyone else in this field, and it’s with pleasure that I give her my highest recommendation."
--Mirabelle Summers (


"I have been following Emily's advice and boy does it work."

"I love what you guys do, you are an inspiration.

I have been following Emily's advice and boy does it work."
--Madeleine (Bristol, UK)


"My love life has gone through the ceiling."

"Thanks for all your concern for us dating novices out here :)

My love life has gone through the ceiling, so thank you again."
--Sadie (Nairobi, Kenya)


"I don’t think I would be where I am at now."

"I wanted to tell you that your program is awesome...I learned a lot from it. I don’t think I would be where I am at now if it wasn’t for this program. Keep up the great work. "
--Ashley (Prosser, WA)


"I have learned a lot from you for which I am grateful."

"Seriously, I wanted to say thank you. I have benefited from your wisdom and ability to speak of issues which I did not even know needed to be addressed but were very much in my head. I have learned a lot from you for which I am grateful. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your experience--particularly beneficial for a Brit where these things are rarely discussed but so important!"
--Suzanne (Leeds, UK)


"Everything that you have said rings true in my ears and has so much resonance it's astounding."

"I want to thank you ever so much for your wonderful and
insightful advice. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude! Everything that you have said rings true in my ears and has so much resonance it's astounding."

--Sophie (Bridgeport, CT)


"I recently ended a relationship that was giving me less than what I deserve."

"I recently ended a relationship that was giving me less than what I deserve. I think it took visiting your web site to really give me the extra push I needed to end things. As the new year rolls around, I'm looking forward to meeting someone who is deserving of me
and vice versa!"

--Veronica (Arlington, TX)


"Kind regards, and please keep up the great work."

"I'm learning so much. I'm becoming a better quality of prospect for those who encounter me. I'm also learning how to get over my 'fear' of success (lol). In other words, I'm learning to be more confident as I communicate with a man who I never before would have dreamed could be interested in me. Kind regards, and please keep up the great work."
--Andrea (Miami, FL)


The Above Quotes Are 100% Genuine And Unsolicited.

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